During the preparatory stage of our opening our first and most important goal in our mind was to “make guests feel comfortable”.
Of course, we had to adjust to some limitations during the making of the Guest House.
“We would like to have this kind of beds for the dormitory rooms. “
“We need this kind of things to make the guests the most comfortable possible.”
“We need to put a storage room here”
and many other ideas had to be taken down due budget and legislation barriers during the construction.
Even so, while sticking and struggling the Guest House was completed in the best possible way.
Maybe we haven’t managed to build the Guest House we dreamed about, but we sure did our best!
And so, the Guest House “Hot Inn Sendai Nagamachi” finally opened during the spring of 2019!

When we first entered inside our brand-new Guest House, we were throbbing with excitement…
So many unexpected things started to happened and we were feeling a bit overwhelmed.
Probably at that time, we may have looked quite unreliable in the eyes of our guests.
But we did our best to improve ourselves and, in the end, it worked!

“The real battle starts now!”, with this thought in our mind, we created 2 new different stay plans during the spring of the second year.
And then, The COVID-19 pandemic started…

Starting with those new stay plans, we had a lot of new things we wanted to do…
In the increasingly difficult situation, we started to think about how to arrange our Guest House to protect our guest from the COVID-19.
But the building is too big and, due to the very nature of the Guest House, there are too many shared spaces that makes really hard to take countermeasures against the spreading of the virus.
And then, the spring of the third year, we finally decided to close the whole building forever.

Now, upon closing, we would like to thanks all the guests who stayed in our Guest House.
Thank you to have chosen us among all the other countless inns and hotels.
And if your stay in our Guest House left even a small happy memory in you, we are happy!

To all the people in the management who took care of us during and after the opening:
Wanting to make the Guest House as good as possible we said unreasonable and selfish things.
And all of you, in order to respond to our selfishness, actually did your best to bring the “better” solutions closer to the “best” ones.
We would like to express our sincere gratitude to all of you.

These troubled times will continue for little bit, no matter what we do.
Yet, we pray form the deep of our hearth that all of you will continue to enjoy your life and be happy.