■ Stay

Is there any discount or promotion for long term stays?
Yes, we provide special plans and prices for monthly and yearly extended stays.
Feel free to ask to the staff for further information.
Is there any locker for my valuables?
In the dormitory rooms there are various padlocks lockers.
Please, take care of your valuables by yourself.
The Guest House is not responsible for lost, damaged, or stolen personal items.
Do I have to pay the utilities costs separately?
No. All the utility costs are included in the accommodation fee.
Is there any age restriction in the Guest House?
1. Dormitory rooms
 ① Children under the age of 5 are not allowed.
 ② Children over the age of 6 and under the age of 12 must be accompanied by one parent/guardian and are considered as a group. Every group (1 or more children) must include at least one parent/guardian and book a group reserved room.
 ③ Children over the age of 13 and under the age of 17 must have the consent of their parents/guardian.

2. Private rooms
 ① Children from the age of 0 to 12 are allowed to stay only if accompanied by a parent/guardian.
 ② Children from the age of 13 to 17 must have the consent of their parents/guardian.
What kind of guests usually stay in your Guest House?
Our Guest House welcomes everyone! Most of the guests are university students, job hunters, workers, backpackers, tourists from all-over the world, international exchange students etc.
Do you provide a mail service?
We can keep express courier mails and normal mails at the Front Desk, but be sure to let us know in advance if there is something you are waiting for.
For mails or packs that requires sign authentication or cash-on delivery, please be sure to be in the facility to receive it by yourself since we will not be able to accept it for you.
※In case of luggage shipping to the guest house, please be sure to notify in advance to the hotel staff and or be sure to write on the delivery slip the reservation name and the check-in date.
Are there any curfews?
No, but most of the facilities of the Guest House (with some exceptions), turn off the lights at 12:00 am. We turn off the light of dormitory rooms at 11:00 pm.
I would like to cook by myself, is it possible?
Yes, we have a kitchen in the common space!
You can use for free our fridge, rice cooker, microwave oven, tableware etc.
For knives, please ask the Front Desk.
Is there a woman only floor?
There is a woman only dormitory but the common space is free for all.
What about the check-in time?
The check-in is available from 3:00 pm to 10:00 pm but We will respond as much as possible only if you schedule your check-in time in advance. Please contact us first.

■ Payment

How does the Guest House cancellation policy works?
The cancellation fees are as written below. For group reservations, the fee may vary.
Feel free to ask to the staff for further information.
Previous day notice (24h before) cancellation 30% of the accommodation fee
Same day notice cancellation 80% of the accommodation fee
No-Show 100% of the accommodation fee
Can I pay the accommodation fee by direct deposit/bank transfer?
Yes. Usually the payment must be done by the day before the check-in date.
Do you accept credit cards?
“Air Pay” payment system is available.
We accept the services shown below.

■ Facilities

Is there an internet connection?
Yes! You can use our Free Wi-Fi service. You can also connect your own computer to one of the 2 LAN ports in the living room.
A LAN port is also available in every single type room except Room 311.
Is there any hair dryer?
Yes. They are in the laundry room and in the powder room (restricted to women-use only).
Is there a bike or bicycle parking?
Yes, we have a bike/bicycle parking with a roof.
Also, we provide the bike rental service “DATE-BIKE”.
Feel free to ask to the reception for further information.
Are there showers or bathtubs in the Guest House?
We have showers with free-to-use shampoo, conditioner and body soap.
Also, we have a small Japanese style bathtub (reservation required).
Do you provide towels?
We have rental bath-towels (¥100).
We also sell sleeping masks (¥150), ear plugs(¥150) and face towels(¥100).
Are there washing machines in the Guest House?
Yes! Prices below:
Washing machine ¥200/1 time
Dryer machine ¥100/30 minutes
Is there a smoking room?
Smoking is not allowed in any of the rooms or shared facilities with the exception of the designated smoking area situated outside the living room.
Can I charge my cell phone?
Sure, but please be sure to bring your own personal telephone charger.
In the dormitory, every bed is provided with 2 electrical outlets alongside with a lamp.
Is there any car-parking?
Yes, we have parking up to 4 cars (reservation required).