Shiroishi Catsle

Shiroishi Castle

In 1591, the nineteenth year of the Tenshō era, Toyotomi Hideyoshi conquered Shiroishi Castle, which was then under the control of the Date clan, and gave it to Gamō Ujisato. In 1598 the castle became part of the Uesugi territory.

Shortly before the battle of Sekigahara, however, Date Masamune managed to win back the castle, readmitting it to the fiefdom of Sendai and giving it to Katakura Kojūrō, one of his most trusted generals that will provide to modernize it. For 260 years, until the Meiji restoration, the castle remained firmly in the hands of the Sendai fiefdom and the descendants of Katakura.

According to a law enacted by Bakufu Tokugawa in 1615, each Daimyou could have only one castle in his territory. Despite this, in the Sendai fief, the two castles: the one in the city of trees and this of Shiroishi, coexisted. Even after the Meiji restoration, the castle became the site of important offices to be later eventually, unfortunately dismantled.

After its sad end, the castle was rebuilt and inaugurated in March 1995, 120 years after its destruction in the seventh year of the Meiji era, or 1874!

The reconstruction project aimed to revive the castle to preserve its long and important history! In particular, the Sangai-Yagura (or Tenshukaku) was reconstructed using techniques of the time and materials that were as faithful as possible to the original ones!

The Sangai-Yagura (or Tenshukaku), the palace that most commonly represents all Japanese castles, was not however used as accommodation (except in the case of Oda Nobunaga and his Azuchi castle), but was more of a kind of tower which, in addition to being a symbol of the importance of the castle, served as a warehouse for weapons and as a defense in case of enemy attack.

Thanks to the work and the passion of whom rebuilt the castle, is now possible to experience a part of Japanese history that was once lost!

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To reach the castle from our Guest House “Hot inn Sendai Nagamachi”, just take the train from the JR Nagamachi Station to Shiroishi Station and walk to the castle.

The trip will take more or less 1 hour.

While in Hot inn Sendai Nagamachi, Enjoy the best of Sendai, Miyagi and the Tohoku Area!

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