Nagamachi, the Mall Town of Shopping and Fun!

While staying in our Guest House “Hot inn Sendai Nagamachi”, wouldn’t you like to enjoy some shopping? Or maybe a concert and a sports match?
Well, you don’t need to go to the city center, because in Nagamachi there is everything you need!

In Nagamachi there are not 1, not even 2 but 3 huge malls!
The biggest one is simply named “The Mall” and, while having a lot of interesting shops, it also includes a 24/7 supermarket that obviously sells 100% typical Japanese products including sushi, sashimi, tempura and much more! Pretty convenient, right?
The food-court is also highly recommended!

Near “The Mall”, there is its younger brother “The Mall part 2” with the huge movie theater “Movix” that often offers also movies in English with Japanese subtitles.

The third one is “LaLa Garden”, a smaller mall aimed for the younger people with a lot of fashion shops like Uniqlo, famous cafes like Starbucks and Japanese utility shops like Loft. A nice place to buy your Japanese souvenirs for the friends and the family! The three malls are actually connected together and can be explored without having
to get outside! That’s perfect for the rainy or snowy days, isn’t it?

Then, for people who loves sports, there is “The Supersports Xebio” a mall specialized in spots apparel. THE NORTH FACE, Columbia, POLE WARDS, whole Earth, MAMMUT, MILET are just a fraction of the brands one can find and buy in this temple for sports lovers!

“The Supersports Xebio” is actually part of the “Xebio Arena”, home of the basketball team “Sendai 89ers”, the official team of the City, playing of the Japanese B.League.
The Arena, often hosts big music events like the last Kiss world tour “End of the Road” that premiered in Japan on December 8, 2019 starting exactly from the Xebio Arena!

Finally, we have the most famous furniture mall in the world I’m obviously talking about “Ikea”!
The Nagamachi Ikea is the only Ikea mall in the whole Tohoku area and is one of the biggest in Japan!
Don’t worry, alongside the cool designer furniture, also the famous and delicious Ikea hot-dogs, meatballs, cookies and all the other dishes are sold here like everywhere in the world!

And those where the many malls and shopping centers here in Nagamachi! As you can see, there are a lot to see and to do near our Guest House “Hot inn Sendai Nagamachi”!
This time we talked only about shopping but don’t worry, there are a lot of delicious restaurants and bar just near the Guest House. We will talk about them in the next article!
See you and have fun in Sendai with “Hot inn Sendai Nagamachi”, the best Guest House in Sendai!

By Davide