Sendai Hatsu-uri, the biggest bargain sale in Japan!

In Japan the New Year’s Festivity is a very serious business, way bigger than the Christmas one!

Everyone goes back to their parents’ house to spend the New Year’s Eve and the following days with all the family in a very Japanese fashion.

And then, January 2nd comes! All the shops that closed during the celebrations, re-open for the first business day of the year and they do it in with a spin!

This is the so called “Hatsu-uri” (初売り), the first sale of the year!

People will start to get in line since the day before to get some “Fukubukuro” (福袋), Lucky Bags with goods way more expensive than the bag price itself!

Every single shop in Sendai sells a “Fukubukuro” and some of them are so famous and desired that the demand is way bigger than the offer and they sell out in the blink of an eye!

The city explodes with people since even before the sun rises on the city and there is a magical atmosphere in this!

Obviously, all the shopping centers in the Nagamachi area, near our Guest House Hot inn Sendai Nagamachi, sells “Fukubukuro” too so, be ready for some shopping craze!

See you at Hot inn Sendai Nagamachi!